The Home Nursing service provides clinical support at home for patients, physically challenged or aged persons. Our home nursing services offer you holistic and caring support during illness, injury, childbirth and long-term disabilities at the comfort of your home.

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Home Nursing is required for a wide range of healthcare services that can be easily provided at your home

Post-Operative Patient Care
Elder care
New Mother Care
Baby care
Care for patients in recovery from acute infection/injury

24x7 Specialized Nursing Service

  • Wound care and Dressing
  • Intravenous (IV) infusion therapy, intra Muscular (IM) and Sub Cutaneous (SC) injections
  • Catheter (urinary) insertion and care
  • Skilled nursing in Chronic Illnesses like - Diabetic Care, Nephro Care, Neuro Care, Post-transplant Care, Parkinson's Disease, Mental Illnesses
  • Post Discharge Care - Cancer Care, Geriatric Care, Pediatric Care, Maternity Care
  • Bathing, grooming and toiletry services
  • Mobilization and ambulation with walker and wheel chair
  • Nutrition assistance with eating

Rehabilitation Services

  • Physiotherapy (Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation Center)
  • Nutritional assessment (with qualified Dietitian)

Post operative care

Post operative care needs to continue following doctors advice, once the patient is back home. Depending upon the health condition, nurses and nursing attendants at home play a very crucial role in the post operative recovery phase.
  • Prescribed medicines administration
  • Injectable medicines administration
  • Pain management & wound healing
  • Early recovery of the patient
  • Special care for Hypertensive patient, Diabetic patient, Kidney disease or any chronic disease patient

Elder Care

In home nursing care services, professionals can provide services elder people who is aging and needs assistant to live independently, who is managing chronic health issues, who is recovering from a medical setback or who has special needs or a disability.
  • Maintain prescribed diets
  • Dress and bath
  • Prescribed oral medications administration
  • Ambulatory patient service outside home, serving as guide, companion, and aide
  • Help patient to take hospital in an emergency situation
  • Special care for Hypertensive patient, Diabetic patient, Kidney disease or any chronic disease patient

Pregnancy Care

Sometimes expected mothers seek for extra medical care as well as domestic care during pregnancy. A special kind of medical professional assists expectant mothers in maintaining their health and that of their unborn children. The prenatal nurse monitors the health status of the mother and foetus, provides emotional support, and teaches the pregnant woman and her family about physiological and psychological changes during pregnancy, foetal development, labour and childbirth, and care for the newborn.
  • Regular checkup & vital screening follow up (Temperature, blood pressure etc.)
  • Monitoring medication
  • Antenatal care & antenatal visit
  • Check foetal heart sound and heart rate by doppler machine
  • Provide health chart including diet & medication chart in 1st, 2nd & 3rd trimester respectively
  • To consult about health condition with regular physician
  • Instant service in any emergency condition

New Mom care (Post Natal Care)

  • Regular follow up after delivery
  • Nursing care to new mom and baby
  • Help new mom to minimize household work
  • In case of cesarean patients,
  • Regular dressing of the operative area
  • Pain management & wound healing
  • Prescribed medication administration
  • Expert advice's and care, if any complication arises
  • Regular checkup

Baby Care

Home nursing care plays a vital role for babies who may have trouble at birth include those born prematurely, those born with a difficult delivery, or those born with a birth defect. Special care is available for these babies.
  • New born baby care
  • Bathing, feeding, sleeping schedule with love & care
  • Premature baby care

Why Choose HEALTHx?

Trained & Skilled Nurse & Attendant

Our Nurses have academic background who are trained through different hospitals.

Trusted Provider with Safety & Security

No more worries while receiving nursing care at home on safety and security, we maintain stringent security protocols to deliver high quality care ensuring peace of mind.

Care Like Family Member

We provide nursing care in such a way that you will feel like some of your family members are taking care of this, we ensure empathy while providing care for your loved ones.

Hassle Free Care

We are dedicated to give you freedom from any time and anywhere to give you an unforgettable experience.
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, HEALTHx has a very stringent vetting process for all the nurses that it provides under the Home Nursing & Nursing Attendant Solution. Only the most qualified and experienced nurses are enrolled and accepted. All of the nurses and caregivers on our roster has undergone academic training in Nursing or Midwifery and has active registration from the Bangladesh Nursing & Midwifery Council.
Depending on the specific type of Care Program that you require, our nurses can provide a varied assortment of different care types such as administering oral medication, managing feeding tubes, assistance in ambulation, monitoring vitals of patients, helping patients in personal grooming, helping in post-op rehabilitation, mother post-natal care, elder care, baby care and much more.
Yes, HEALTHx strives to provide personalized care to the maximum extent we can and so both male and female nurses are available to ensure the clients’ comfort, confidence and basic needs.
Unfortunately, this service is only available inside Dhaka city right now. We are actively working with different caregiving associations and institutions to bring our services to the entirety of the country as soon as possible.